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+ What Is Asthma?
+ Facts and Statistics About Asthma
+ Myths and Rumors
= Further Information

For further information on what is asthma, click on any of the following links:

Take a look at the Top Ten Actions to Control Asthma Triggers in Your Home, sponsored by the American Lung Association.

* * *

This site provides a straightforward explanation of indoor asthma triggers and what you can do about them.

* * *

This site has a great checklist of things that might make your asthma worse and ways to control them. You can print this out and check off the things you have done to reduce your exposure to them.

* * *

This link will take you to a slide show of Asthma Facts and triggers. You will need to have Microsoft PowerPoint on your computer in order to view it.

* * *

Scroll down on this site to find a long list of asthma and allergy triggers and measures to prevent your exposure to them.

* * *

This site takes you through four strategies to manage asthma: laundering, controlling mold and mildew, cleaning up food, and cleaning carpets. It also has a section on how to use cleaning products safely.

* * *

Sponsored by the American Medical Association, this site has a helpful chart of allergic and non-allergic asthma triggers.

* * *

This site has extensive explanations of asthma facts, what asthma triggers are, and ways you can go about reducing your exposure to them.

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