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Myths and Rumors icon Myths and Rumors about Asthma

There are a lot of myths and rumors about asthma. Sometimes people who have had asthma for many years have the wrong information. Sometimes even people who work in hospitals or clinics have the wrong information. Below are a few myths and rumors that you may hear about asthma. The response is the truth about asthma.

Myth: Many people think they only have asthma when they have trouble breathing. They think that asthma comes and goes, day by day or week by week.

Truth: People with asthma have it all the time for many years. When they have trouble breathing, they are having an asthma attack or an asthma flare-up. On those days, their asthma is not under control. But even when a person's asthma is under control, it is still there.

* * *

Myth: Many people think asthma is all in your head.

Truth: No, it's in your lungs. Asthma is a disease - a breathing problem of the lungs. Asthma stays with people all the time, but asthma attacks come and go when the lungs are bothered. Because asthma is with you all the time, many children and adults take asthma medicine every day so their lungs are not bothered by things that start asthma attacks. People with asthma have sensitive lungs.

* * *

Myth: Many people think asthma is an emotional disease; if you are an emotional person you get asthma.

Truth: Emotions do not cause the disease of asthma. But if you already have asthma, strong emotions such as crying, yelling or laughing hard may start an asthma attack.

* * *

Myth: Many people think that all children will outgrow asthma.

Truth: People have asthma for many years. Sometimes, when children grow up, their asthma is less severe - but it is not likely that all children will outgrow it. In fact, many times asthma does not get better as a child grows - and it sometimes gets even worse. If a child has asthma, the lungs will always be more sensitive than the lungs of people who do not have asthma.

* * *

Myth: Many people think you can't ever play sports if you have asthma.

Truth: Many star athletes have asthma - Jackie Joyner Kersee, Amy van Dyken, Dominique Wilkens, Isaiah Thomas, and many Olympic stars. The secret is learning to control your asthma so you do not have asthma attacks.

* * *

Myth: Many people think that asthma medicines will stunt their child's growth.

Truth: Research has shown that during the first year of using an inhaled steroid children might not grow as fast as children who are not taking this medicine. But over time, even with continued use, children will make up the difference.

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